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The NFL has a lot of good talent. In this article, we will be peeping under the hood of Kyle Pitts net worth, a prolific American football player, the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history. Let’s get right to it then.

Early Life, Parents, Education, And Background

Kyle Anthony Pitts was born on October 6th, 2000, to Kelly Pitts and Theresa Pitts, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents are well and alive, but Kyle Pitts has yet to disclose the profession of his parents and his sibling. Kyle is presently an American football player for the Atlanta Falcons. However, everything about Pitts childhood seem to be a blur, except his schooling and passion for football as a tight end.

Pitts in an interview with PhillyVoice, said “I started out as a quarterback and linebacker”, he expressed that his journey so far has been both bitter and sweet. Pitts shared insight to his early college games, that he was recruited to play for the University of Florida as a tight end. Pitts said, “ I have three fifth-year seniors in front of me, watching the game as some guy’s got hurt, I was put up to relieve the game as a receiver, and that privilege gave me the opportunity to learn the offense and defense in the game”. Pitts is a big man, and many say he looks way older than his age.

Pitts doesn’t talk much about his family, but he said he would not be where he is today if it were not for his parents’ support. To validate these claims it was Kelly Pitts, who told the coach precisely where to play Kyle Pitts in a more effective position as a tight end. When Pitts started his Florida campaign, he first played in the alternative position, from offense to defense, constantly being rotated.  However, since the intervention of his father, his coach got to play Pitts in a more effective position, and since then, he has proven himself effective.


The young American football player attended Abington Senior High School in Abington, Pennsylvania, then in 2016, Pitts was transferred to Archbishop Catholic High School at Warminster, Pennsylvania. Pitts played the tight end and defensive end positions on the football team. He also played in Under Armour, All American Game in 2018. Then right after High School, Pittsburgh was committed to the University of Florida, playing college football.

Kyle Pitts net worthCareer

Pitts committed to the University of Florida, playing 11 games as a backup his freshman season. The young football player finished the season with 3 receptions for 73 yards, with 1 touchdown. Pitts took over as the starting tight end in 2019 and successfully played in 13 games at Florida in 2019, in his Sophomore season. He finished the season that same year and belted a total of 56 receptions, for 649 yards, and 5 touchdowns, earning himself a first-team player for All-SEC in the season.

In the course of his season in 2020, which the COVID-19 Pandemic curtailed, the young football player scored12 touchdowns in eight games, belted 770 yards with a total of 43 receptions. Pitts won the John Mackey Awards, for college football’s most outstanding tight end in that season.

Pitts was later selected in the first round amongst 2021 fourth overall by the Atlanta Falcons. After the NFL draft, which literally made Pitts the highest-drafted tight end in the history of NFL Drafts. The prolific football player badged his first contract on June 29th, 2021, a four-year rookie contract worth $32.9 million. In his debut NFL game, Kyle Pitts got four receptions for 31 yards. The Falcons lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1. Then in Week 2, Kyle Pitts belted 79 yards in another game, with the Falcons losing 25 – 48 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the third week facing the New York Jets at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Kyle Pitts had an amazing game of nine passes for 119 yards, in what turned out to be a 27 – 20 win for the Atlanta Falcons. Against the Miami Dolphins in Week 7, Pitts finished with 163 reception yards, as the Falcons stole the game in a win of 30 – 28 final score. Pitts reception of 163 yards set the Falcons franchise record for the most reception yards in a single game by a tight end.

Personal Life

Atalanta Falcons signed first-round tight end (TE) Kyle Pitts. His rookie contract got a four-year guaranteed deal worth $32.91 million dollars, with a 5-year option on the table. Pitts signing bonus comes in approximately $21.29 million dollars, with an annual salary of $8,227,624.

Pitts doesn’t seem like he has his hands full with women, the 21-year-old seems to have a decent life outside the games, he spends more of his time with family, however, he is currently in a relationship with Alyric Warrick. In 2020, they celebrated their first Christmas together. Pitts said in an interview that his girlfriend is his number one fan, and also posted some pictures of them together on Instagram.

Kayle Pitts’s Net Worth

According to a recent evaluation over the cap, Kyle Pitts salary in 2021 was estimated at $660.000. The football player does make a good earning playing for a big NFL team. Kyle Pitts net worth would be around $30.5 million dollars, which may or may not be his overall net worth. However, the football player seems to show a lot of promise, with a great future ahead of him.

Pitts seems to be having what I would call a smooth sail, with the Falcons being his first NFL major team. Kyle’s salary looks attractive, but he is not among the game’s top 7 highest earners.


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