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6 of the Highest Paid NFL Players

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highest paid NFL players

Today, we will go over the highest-paid NFL players, but first, let’s go over a brief history of the NFL. The NFL was formed in 1920. The league became known as the National Football League in 1922. NFL is one of the top four major professional sports leagues in North America, and it is the highest professional American football league in the world. The league comprises 32 teams selected from the national football conference and American football Conference. NFL teams play a total of seventeen games within the period of eighteen weeks, which is its regular season.

In the NFL, there is what is referred to as free agency. As the name implies, these are players whose contracts with the team or club have expired. However, these categories of players are divided into two based on their accrued seasons. A player must have played at least six regular-season games to have an accrued season. This includes whether as active/inactive, reserved/injured, or reserve/physically unable to play for his team. On this note, there are restricted and unrestricted free agents.

Restricted free agents have at most three accrued seasons, while unrestricted free agents are players with at least four accrued seasons. The difference between both is this; the club has the right to match the offer for the restricted free agent. But for the unrestricted free agent, the player can decide to sign with whichever club he deems fit.

NFL has the highest average attendance per game. This shows that the NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the world. It has an average spectator of about 66 thousand, increasing up to about 16m. NFL has a total of 12.2bn USD as total revenue and an average franchise value of 3.04bn USD. The team with the highest revenue is the Dallas Cowboys, with a total of 800m USD. Buffalo Bills are rated as the club with the least revenue, with an estimated revenue of 2.27bn USD.

NFL Draft

NFL has a yearly player selection meeting popularly known as the NFL Draft, which was first held in 1936. This is the league’s major recruitment channel. The draft has seven rounds, and each team has one pick per round. The selection order is determined by the position of the teams in the previous season. This implies that the team with the least points gets to pick first in the draft. NFL teams can trade their positions to other teams for strategic advantage in other Drafts.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the biggest event in the NFL. It is an annual playoff that serves as the final game in the NFL season. Super Bowl was originally known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game before 1969. In 1970, AFL merged with NFL, and currently has two conferences; American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Once every year, Super Bowl is played between the two best teams from each Conference. It is one of the most-watched events in sports.

Highest Paid NFL Players

1. Patrick Mahomes

On September 17th, 1995, Patrick was born to Pat Mahomes, a former baseball pitcher. He started his career in college and is now a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. He was drafted as the 10TH overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. And since then, the rookie has progressed to become the highest-paid NFL player. In his four-year career started for the Chief, Patrick Mahomes has won one Super Bowl and has consistently led his team to qualify for the AFC playoff. The 27 years old has a record of an average of 5,097 yards and 10 interceptions per 17 matches. He also has an average of 41 touchdowns. Patrick currently has a 10 years contract with the Chiefs worth 450m USD, which puts him at 45m USD annual salary.

2. Josh Allen

Josh Allen was born on May 21st, 1996, and began his career as a football player at Wyoming College (2015-20117). He currently plays for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL as a quarterback. He was drafted in 2018 as the 7th overall pick. The 26 years old entered into a contract with the Bills in 2021 that positioned him as the 2nd highest paid NFL player with an annual salary of 43m USD. He holds the record of being the first NFL Quarterback to have a touchdown-scoring drive on every offensive possession of a game. Josh Allen has an average of 42 touchdowns and 763 rushing yards.

3. Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott was born on July 29th, 1993, and began his college football career playing for Mississippi State Bulldogs. He was drafted in 2016 by the Cowboys of the NFL as a Quarterback and as a backup for starter Tony Romo. However, he gained recognition when Tony was injured. Though he was injured in 2020, he returned with 37 touchdowns and about 68% completion. Dak Prescott’s contract with the Cowboys secures him an annual pay cheque of 40m USD, which places him as the third highest-paid NFL player.

4. Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson was born on September 14th, 1995, and began his career playing college football at Clemson. As a college athlete, he led his team to win the National Championship in 2016. He was drafted in 2017 by the Houston Texans of the NFL as a quarterback in the first round. He is known as one of the best young quarterbacks and has an average of 4,823 passing yards. His contract with Houston Texans gives him an annual salary of 39m USD. However, controversies surround the young star who has been sued about 20 times and has several criminal complaints. Watson was recently traded to the Cleveland Browns.

5. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson was born on November 29th, 1988, and played college football earlier at NC State and Wisconsin. As a college player, he holds the single-season record for 191.8 passing efficiencies and helped his team win 10 games, including the Rose Bowl in 2012. Russel; was drafted in 2012 by the Seahawks in the third round as a quarterback. The 33-year-old holds the record for most wins by a quarterback for the Seahawks, which is 104 wins. He has been to two Super Bowls and won Super Bowl XLVIII. Russell Wilson was recently traded to the Denver Broncos with a contract that guaranteed the athlete of a $35 Million annual paycheck.

6. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was born on December 2nd, 1983, and started his college football career playing for Butte. He then transferred to California, where he continued his football career. Rodgers was drafted in the first round by the Packers of NFL in 2005, and he is one of the only five players ever to win NFL MVP back-to-back. He ranks second in all-time with a regular-season career passer rating of over 100. His current contract with the Packers placed him as number six on the highest-paid NFL players list with an annual salary of $33.5 million.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the highest-paid NFL players.

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