Top 10 Beauty Product Lines

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beauty product linesThe beauty and cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has a reputation of thriving even during economic strives. In fact, recent research revealed that the cosmetic market was one of the industries that fared pretty well during the 2008 great recession. Generally, everyone tends to be more sensitive and conscious of price when there is an economic setback. However, when it comes to cosmetics, people do not hold back on spending on their preferred beauty products. As a result, considering the colossal rise in per capita income today, there is a significant ceiling for growth in the beauty and cosmetics business, spamming across a diversity of products and demographics.

Considering the potential attributed to this venture, more and more brands are penetrating the market. Not to mention the new lines launched every day, the industry is still somewhat saturated. Thus, over the years, especially within the past few months in 2021, we’ve been closely monitoring the trends and developments in the cosmetics industry to create a profound, comprehensive report of the best beauty product lines. This article will discuss the top 10 beauty product lines leading today’s global beauty market.

Top 10 Beauty Product Lines

L’Oreal Paris

Not limited to the beauty industry, L’Oreal is arguably one of the biggest brands globally. It has a massive range of skincare, makeup, and hair care lines that have grown to be the favorites of diverse beauty enthusiasts globally. The cosmetic collection enjoys a universal and widespread reception, covering various types of on-trends. Besides, the most compelling feature of L’Oreal products is that they always come at relatively affordable price ranges.  Arguably one of the most iconic mascara of all time, Voluminous Original Mascara has a good reason to be deemed as a cult classic. It is L’oreal’s hero product that can make lashes seem almost five times thicker without a clumpy feel. The product also features a range of conditioning ingredients that offer additional fringe advantages. All in all. L’oreal has established itself as a staple for makeup artists, individuals, and other beauty enthusiasts.

Fenty Beauty

Is any list of this nature complete without mentioning Fenty Beauty? Rihanna’s evolution is undoubted. Everyone now thinks of the musical heavyweight as a mega beauty mogul, perhaps even more than as a musician. Sometime in 2017, Rihanna launched her beauty line, Fenty, inspired by the absence of shade inclusivity within the beauty and cosmetics industry. Unsurprisingly, complexion-centric products are a mainstay for Fenty, which are available in various colors. At its launch, the foundation became the rave of the moment within, mentions on various major news channels and platforms featuring 40 different shades. The relatively recent Fenty Skin product is just as impressive.

Essentially, you truly can never go wrong with Fenty. If you’ve ever tried the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, you’d agree with this statement. Its impressive range of 50 shades of color, and its lightweight feeling, will leave your skin and complexion looking and feeling faultless.

Armani Beauty

As you probably know, the Italian luxury fashion house, Armani, is known for a vast range of designs, themes, as well as trends. And this international fashion house has established itself as one of the primary players in the luxury beauty ecosystem since its launch in 2000. The makeup and beauty line is a chip off the fashion line, featuring identical classic and timeless vice, alongside immensely performing beauty formulas. Of course, Mr. Armani himself has a hand in this venture.

One of the products showcasing its excellence is one of the most best and iconic complexion products ever made, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It is a cult classic and has been a go-to for dedicated individuals and make-up artists, over the years. Surprisingly, it is versatile, and easy to build up depending on your mode of application. And yes, it gives a radiant finish at all times. You can observe a similar trend in other Armani beauty products – versatility, excellent finish, and luxury.


While this beauty line is relatively recent, its influence is apparent and very visible to beauty enthusiasts. It is innovative, tries diverse things, and most importantly, executes them excellently. Essentially, this beauty line emphasizes a straightforward, quick, and uncomplicated approach to beauty. Their products and ingredients are advertised as skin-loving, attempting to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup using hybrid formulas. This is the best fit for individuals looking to keep their routine uncomplicated, streamline, and straightforward. In essence, they are offering something somewhat unique and different from what we have today with convenient textures. On top of this offering, Kosas is a relatively clean brand considering its ban on roughly 2600 ingredients. You can check out the latest launch, Five Brydie editors, which, within a short period, has gained the heart of a significant portion of the beauty ecosystem.

Urban Decay

In 1996 Urban Decay hit the beauty market as quite a peculiar beauty line. It was an anomaly, touted as unapologetically brash and bold. In essence, it was a huge contrast from the feminine and demure beauty lines that existed within this period. Urban decay has sustained this edgy and anomalous vibe since its inception and has kept it as the heart of the brand to date. Even the tagline, beauty with an edge, actively communicates the brand story.

Primarily, this beauty line focuses on innovative and compelling formulas, textures, as well as colors. This is evident in the discontinued Naked Palette, which featured diverse warm-toned neutrals that span across copper hues and requisite peach to plums and unexpected reds, all featuring various and diverse finishings.


Even before “cruelty-free” became a thing in the beauty industry, Hourglass has long been a major proponent and adopter of this idea. Established sometime around 2004, the reach of this brand is not limited to the beauty industry but also extends to other humanitarian efforts. Taking a step further in their advocacy for “cruelty-free,” hourglass even donates a proportion of their profits to a particular organization, primarily to help animals secure their fundamental rights.

Besides the charity endeavors, Hourglass has a lengthy list of dedicated followers, including beauty editors and celebrities. It constantly enters the market with high-performing luxurious products that cover almost every category that exists. Unsurprisingly, Hourglass has a record of selling out almost every of its new launch quickly, even sometimes, as fast as 24 hours. One of its hero products Vanish seamless foundation stick, gained massive reception as a straightforward complexion perfector, clinching a permanent spot in the makeup routine of hundreds of thousands of beauty enthusiasts. Its weightless, waterproof, creamy, and easy-gliding formula, as well as the buildable coverage, made it enjoy the massive success it does till today.

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath, undoubtedly, has left a legendary mark in the beauty industry. Arguably, she is one of the best, most versatile, and most prolific makeup professionals that has ever lived. The British makeup heavyweight was the mainstay for multiple fashion shows globally, partnering with diverse brands before establishing her eponymous brand six years ago. McGrath is known for her edgy and editorial approach to makeup and beauty. Thus, this beauty line is for any makeup enthusiast seeking what her philosophy projects. Her ideas of transforming even the everyday skin into a glowy and glassy masterpiece reflect in the brand products such as the Balm and Skin Fetish highlighter, giving you that dewy radiance if that is what you are looking for.


Nars, a US beauty brand created in 1994, started with just a small line of about 12 lipsticks. Today, the brand has evolved into a massive beauty brand juggernaut. Nars is revered for its iconic white and black packaging coupled with its somewhat cheeky approach to naming its products (Orgasm blush, climax mascara, etc.) Even as a heavyweight and a prestigious influence in the beauty scene for several years, Nars still remains just as innovative and ever-fresh with ideas and developments.

Eva by Credo

This is another newbie in the beauty ecosystem. Recently, Exa became the first private beauty line launched by Credo. Over the years, Credo has been revered as an indisputable leader within the clean beauty ecosystem. Thus, similar to Kosas  Exa products are completely free of well over 2600 chemicals. Besides, this beauty line emphasizes sustainability in its packaging, appealing to a broader range of audiences. As of today, there are just two incredible products, with more to come as the line progresses. All in all, the products are just so appealing that we believe this brand worths a spot on the list.

Charlotte Tilbury

The red carpet staple, Charlotte Tilbury, evolved from being just a makeup artist into an eponymous luxurious beauty brand. Revered for her glamorous and feminine look creations, Charlotte launched her line in 2012, which has gained the heart of many with compelling packaging, sustainable and skin-friendly formulas. With every launch in this line, you can be sure to expect a better product than the previous.

With this list of top 10 beauty product lines, you can pick out the best fit for you, whether striving to achieve that chic or luxurious look.

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