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10 Awesome Beauty Techniques

beauty techniquesEveryone dreams of glowing, flawless skin. However, with new products ceaselessly hitting the beauty market and the seemingly unending plethora of beauty techniques out there, figuring out the beauty techniques that work best for you might be an arduous task. Yes, we all know the basics- drink a lot of water, mind your business, wash your face regularly, and get enough sleep. Even so, what about everything in between? Fortunately, you no longer have to spend tons of cash on expensive creams or magical procedures to get flawless skin.

I created a list of some of the best beauty techniques available today from discussions with certified dermatologists and top-rated beauty experts. This guide contains everything you need to know, from the top methods to suggesting top-tested beauty product picks.

With no further ado, let’s get into it.

Ten Beauty Techniques

Chilled Teabag Therapy

Almost all of us throw away used tea bags after sipping our green tea daily. Now, you may want to keep it the next time. Besides eliminating and flushing out toxic materials from your body, the effect of chilled green or black teabags on the skin is unmatched. Applying this natural beauty technique can significantly reduce puffiness around the eyes, making them appear more alert, beautiful and brighter.

All you need to do put the teabag on your eyelid and leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes for the bags to do their thing.

Ancient Gua Sha

This technique originates from Chinese traditional medicine. It involves scraping a rounded, flat tool – usually Jade, over the skin. Etymologically, gua translates to press, while sha denotes redness or rash. Experts best describe it as a mix of massage and workout. Although traditional Chinese beauty experts work this process deep – leaving the face red, you can still get its optimum benefits with a lighter touch.

Gua sha relaxes muscles and eliminates every puffiness by getting energy and blood to flow evenly throughout the relevant parts. As per several studies, this beauty technique boosts circulation by roughly 400%, introduces enough nutrients and oxygen, and eliminates toxic materials. Besides its beauty benefits, it also helps with tension (I find it most astonishing for tight jaws and headaches). The basic idea behind this technique is that you create a controlled trauma on the part you are applying it to, which triggers the skin to self-repair by creating new collagen.

To get the best result of gua sha, never apply it on bare skin. Therefore I use the remodeling anti-aging face serum as my go-to for this process.


Being the largest organ in the human body, the skin needs more than just applying various skincare products out of a bottle. Adequate circulation of nutrients and their even distribution between skin layers require a more holistic and profound approach, one of which is Yoga. Yoga is an excellent yet underrated technique to achieve radiant and clear skin. The breathing exercises entailed in Yoga poses can help you relax your muscles, calm your mind and reduce stress significantly. Combining all these benefits goes a long way in eliminating breakouts. Besides, the different Yoga asanas facilitate oxygen and blood flow to your face, ultimately bringing that beautiful glow to your face. Give Yoga a trial today.

Jade Rolling

Like Gua Sha, Jade Rolling also uses a beauty tool made of precious stones, usually Jade, for facial massage. It dates back to the Chinese seventh century, a proven technique several individuals have used for thousands of years.

I’ve seen several reviews of Jade Rolling across YouTube and social media platforms. Yet, I decided to try it to see if it’s worth the hype. Ultimately, it turned out to be just too good to be true. The benefits it offers are just unmatched. The primary benefit is improving lymphatic drainage, which minimizes puffiness and gives you that glowing look. It also calms your mind, reduces tension and headaches, and tackles sinus congestion, eye strain, and TMJ pains. All you need is to wash your face, moisturize (I prefer the remodeling anti-aging face serum for this purpose), and start rolling. Pretty simple, right?

The Rice Water Therapy

Here is another ancient beauty technique from Japan over a thousand years ago. Rice water – water that remains after cooking rice – has long gained popularity as a hair care product. However, that doesn’t take anything from its skincare excellence. Even more exciting, rice water is easy to get; it’s something you can easily make in the comfort of your kitchen.

Rice water contains some substances that can lighten, protect, tighten, and protect your skin. All you need to do is to rinse the rice, then boil it with roughly four times more water than rice. Extract the water and refrigerate for up to a week. However, ensure that you dilute the water before using it on your face.


There is this short quote I love referring to, “the more you meditate, the brighter you radiate. “Sometimes, no natural ingredient or beauty product will be effective if you harbor a constantly stressed body and mind. In fact, anxiety and stress worsen multiple skin issues. Thus, besides getting enough night’s sleep, moderate exercise and meditation can help you relieve and manage your stress and anxiety. While adopting these beauty techniques, don’t forget to take care of your body and pamper your mind by meditating.

Eye Flowies

This is another beauty technique that targets puffiness. If you particularly intend to target sleepy or puffy eyes, then Eye Flowies is the best fit. Made from rose quartz crystal, Eye Flowies is dedicated to delicate eye areas, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles appearance while lifting and fighting the eyebrow area. With this technique, no one will notice even if you are running on 4 hours of sleep. When using, target under-eyes, cheeks, and brows with a soft gliding transcending towards the ear. Regular application for about 2 minutes per eye will do the magic.


The body naturally exfoliates or shreds dry skin to pave the way for new ones through a desquamation process. However, this process may be very slow in oily skins because they retain dead skin. Thus, contributing to clogged follicles and breakout of acne. Exfoliation is particularly instrumental in managing oily skin. Besides its smoothening benefits, it improves the skin tone and enhances its receptiveness to oil-managing ingredients. In essence, exfoliation eliminates oily skin and gives you a clearer one.

I advise you to visit a dermatologist to conduct a comprehensive skin analysis and help you draft an exfoliation regimen.


Carrying out this process with a good quality toner can help you restore your skin’s pH level. pH signifies your skin’s acidity level, and we measure it on a 0 to 14 scale. The lower the number on the scale, the higher the acidity, while 7 signifies a neural figure for your skin. Toning is a very effective beauty technique to help you balance your pH level, making your skin less susceptible to infections and oiliness. Besides, it also gives you that vibrant and smoother feel and appearance. Furthermore, toning calms your skin and balances it to prepare it for moisturizing.

Usually, the traditional skincare routine for the face is Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize. Therefore, toning before applying a moisturizer will help you lock in all its goodness and hydration benefits. You will surely love your skin more after this.


Daily moisturizing is a very critical technique for healthy skin, yet multiple individuals feel it is just an aesthetically-inclined process. Again, the skin is the largest body organ; hence, we must pay utmost attention to it if we want it to stay young, healthy, and without blemishes. Some parts of this organ, such as the ear, face, chest, and neck skin, are sensitive to environmental alterations, giving them a high tendency to cause skin cancer. Besides, those areas shed cells more frequently and rapidly than others, so they need moisture for repair. This is where the importance of daily moisturizing sets into play. Furthermore, just by using high-quality moisturizers, you can be sure of skin with concealed blemishes.

Integrating any of these tips into your lifestyle will surely give you that beautiful skin of your dream. In all we do, moderation is key. Therefore, ensure that you do not go overboard with these beauty therapies and remedies. If you suspect anything odd, do well to consult a professional dermatologist. Although self-inspection is sometimes okay, your best bet is to visit a professional to fix underlying issues. Again, the best beauty techniques are those things we pay little or no attention to – a healthy diet, enough sleep, hydration, and minding your business. A healthy diet is a proven technique that will surely do wonders in your skin. Include vegetables, fruits, and nuts in your meal, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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