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10 Vegan Recipes

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Switching to a vegan lifestyle, especially at the beginning, can seem like an arduous task. However, with a few minutes of discourse with any committed vegan, you’ll discover how completely doable the switch really is. Of course, the talk is easy, and the taste is another entirely different thing. But with a little bit of creativity and these vegan recipes, we will cover in this guide, you can pull together delicious plant-based soups, mains, breakfasts, etc., in no time. Adopting these healthy vegan recipes, the taste, as well as the aesthetic, will definitely impress even your meat-loving friends.

With no further ado, let’s get into it.

10 Vegan Recipes

Guacamole, Collard Greens, and Raw Portobello Burgers

Most fast foods are not good foods – this is a concept almost everyone has swallowed hook line and sinker. Well, there are exceptions. Not only is this vegan recipe a fast food option, but it is also a very good dietary alternative. With a fine combination of greens, mushrooms, and avocados, the meal is excellent as it provides diverse vitamins ranging from vitamins A, B & C. All these vitamins leave your body hydrated, flexible, and free from every form of inflammation.

If you haven’t tried the portobello burger at least once, brace yourself! You’re about to get addicted. You can throw in whatever else you prefer a in the mix – some red onions would be epic and some fresh tomatoes can do the magic. The texture of the recipe is excellent and cohesive; you have fresh green, heavenly hippie garden chips, meaty mushrooms as well as creamy guacamole.

Rustic Pesto and Heirloom Tomato Tart

Is there any fruit as colorful as heirloom tomatoes? Well, that’s subjective. Heirloom tomatoes are available in colors ranging from, sunshine yellow and dark purple. Bodies, you may find them as big as a navel orange or little as Roma tomatoes. Usually, they are in season anytime from July and August, and these are times you can find the best options at the right prices. However, regardless of when you can buy one, ensure that you use them as soon as possible. This is because they have a relatively more negligible shelf life compared traditional red option. Suppose you can’t find an Heirloom tomato around you, your fan opt-in for plum tomatoes or Roma tomatoes as alternatives. Irrespective of the tomato you opt-in for, this meal will always present you with a delicious and healthy option with lycopene overload. Lycopene can help you prevent your complexion and skin from UV light damages. Besides, the antioxidants embedded in this meal can help you detox and prevent a vast range of diseases.

Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

This is what I love to call a burst of flawless sunshine in a glass. The primary ingredients are orange, mango, and banana, as well as anti-inflammatory turmeric, to enhance its tropical flavor. If you want to keep things simple, you can simply top this with shredded coconut. Conversely, if you want to get creative, throw coconut and fresh fruit whipped cream in the mix. Irrespective of how you want to go about this, you can never go wrong with this vegan recipe. Fully packed with turmeric, tropical turmeric smoothie offers you a vast range of health benefits extending from your heart to the skin. On top of that. Its antioxidant property can help you reduce the risk of diverse diseases considerably.

Besides, vitamin c in orange and mango, coupled with the b vitamins will play an integral role in helping you maintain your overall health and well-being.

Nutritional Yeast Recipe

Also referred to as Nooch, Nutritional yeast is one of the most controversial ingredients available today. Some love it, while others do not, and that’s understandable. Essentially, it is an inert dried yeast fortified with a truckload of vitamins, particularly the b-vitamins. At first glance nutritional yeast doesn’t look like food,  but it is a very tasty item that vegans use in multi recipes.

Besides, if you are seeking a more beneficial substitute or Parmesan, you can use this as a substitute. Sprinkle it anywhere you can use parmesan or blend it well into a vegan cream sauce – all will give you an unmatched tasty feel. Generally, you can use nutritional yeast for your plant-based mac and cheese, pasta, roasted veggies, popcorn, soups, as well as a vegan cheese sauce.

Crunchy Tofu plus Cauliflower Brazil Nut Purée

Tired of mashed potatoes? Here is a healthier and more beneficial option. This nutrient-packed alternative is the best if you want to get perfect and clear skin while getting your hunger satisfied. Filled with antioxidants and selenium, this dish can help you enhance your cognitive ability, immunity as well as fertility by keeping your thyroid hormone optimized.

By blending the Puree with thyme, coconut oil, garlic, and ground pepper, you can access an even more satisfactory, comforting, and flavorful meal. And once you add a browned crispy tofu, it becomes a more complete meal, offering you additional satisfaction. 

Bohemian Summer Salad and Grilled Corn

It’s currently summer, and as such, you’d need the perfect meal to cool off on a hot day. The bohemian summer salad with grilled corn is filling, light, and fresh; hence, the perfect option for the occasion. The assorted greens are combined with ripe berries, crisp radish, creamy avocado, tangy honey mustard dressing, and crunchy nuts, topped with grilled corn. This aesthetically pleasing salad gas is all you need for that summer glow. Berries, cord, and greens offer you a truckload of antioxidants and vitamin c, each presenting distinct and excellent health benefits.

Spaghetti and Green Tahini Sauce Combined with Brazilian Nut Parmesan

If you fancy greens, but can’t do without your pasta, this easy recipe would definitely interest you. It is the perfect option for your overwhelming and tight mid well nights and also excellent for batch cooking, so you can make lunch or dinner ready even for the next day

Green tahini sauce is also great. Besides, you may even decide to double it and have enough to drizzle on vegs and salads in days to come. The Brazilian nut parmesan augmented with the greens gives you vitamin c and other nutrients essential in collagen production. Besides, several studies have shown that selenium present in the Brazilian nut can minimize the risk of skin cancer by up to 50%.

Mango, Chili, and Lima Quinoa Salad

If you want to start viewing salads in a new light, why not try the creative chili, Mango, and Lima Quinoa Salad? It paints an entirely new picture of a salad, breaking free from the bed-of-greens tag attached to this meal. The spicy diced chilis are finely blended with juicy and fresh mangos, mixed with lime juice. Toss the greens with Quinoa, bell pepper as well as crisp red onion, which you can then combine with the fruit. If you need more crunch or protein, you can even top with pumpkin pecans.

Talking of the health benefits, you get to access a vast range of vitamins and nutrients right from the greens to the raisins and mango. The pumpkin and pecan seeds are perfect healthy fat options that will keep you plush and smooth.

Blue Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Similar to the normal spirulina, the blue spirulina is an excellent option for raw desserts as well as smoothies. However, as opposed to the algae green the regular one features, the blue spirulina gives your meal a kiss of light blue color. As we probably know, Spirulina has an unparalleled protein content, Not to mention its beta-carotene, b-vitamins, and iron content, which are beneficial to your skin by helping you treat inflammation and fight against acne-causing bacteria.

To make this recipe, you’ll blend bananas into a fine texture, similar to that of ice cream. Then, swirl the blended banana with light blue spirulina and top it with dairy-free yogurt, fresh berries, star-shaped sliced banana, and coconut. Pretty easy? Well, that’s it. Now, you can watch this recipe give you that picture-perfect skin you desire.

Grilled Avocado with Roasted Tomatoes

Looking for a light and quick meal? Or perhaps, an excellent option for your side dish? This easy-to-prepare recipe is often raw and will always keep you filled up without risking fatigue. However, if you do not fancy grilling, you can easily roast the tomatoes alongside the avocados.

The ingredients of this straightforward meal are excellent options for your satisfaction as well as health as they offer you a perfect blend of carotenoids, vitamins C and A, lycopene, and healthy fats. These elements play a significant role in helping you lead a sustainably healthy life. Avocado also has helpful nutrients such as the Omega 6s and 3s which will help you optimize your sebum production, and other elements that will help improve vision, osteoporosis, cancer, and more.

While switching to a vegan lifestyle can sometimes seem like a daunting task, these vegan recipes will make your plant-based journey more accessible and enjoyable. Here, you have options ranging from smoothies, salads, to pasta and everything else that will present you both hunger satisfying and nutritional values.

What are your favorite vegan recipes?

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