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Money Affirmations

100 Awesome Money Affirmations To Help You Get Paid

Are you familiar with the power of focus and the mind? Do you want to attract money into your life, making it manifest? In one way or another, even in the minutest way, this is a desire everyone shares. Well, it might interest you to know that with the power of your thoughts, your focus, and your deep beliefs, you can raise your vibration or inner motivation. And with a high positive vibration, you can attract and manifest various valuable things into your real life, even money. But with low, negative vibration, attracting valuable things can begin to seem far-fetched.

We will now consider motivational affirmations that can raise your inner motivation and keep it at a positive high. Here are 100 money affirmations you should get familiar with.

100 Money Affirmations

1. I attract money in many ways, some that I cannot readily detect right now

2. I spend some of my money and enjoy it without any sense of guilt

3. I am wealthy

4. It is totally safe for me to be rich

5. I am rich irrespective of my past. My past does not determine my future.

6. I sense richness all around me, and it is growing.

7. I am deserving and worthy of huge amounts of money.

8. Money is perfect in my hands.

9. I feel relaxed knowing I always have all the money I need.

10. I make excellent decisions with money in my hands.

11. I always go along with inspirations and heart-led ambitions, which creates my wealth-life.

12. My wealth does not distance me from anyone else.

13. The richer I get, the more I can share with others.

14. Money comes to me. I don’t need to strive or push for it.

15. I find fun and pleasurable ways of making money.

16. I deserve every bit of financial abundance, so I accept all forms of it in my life.

17. I am financially abundant right now. I don’t have to wait for the future.

18. I recognize and appreciate every single penny, and that helps my money grow.

19. I suppress my worries about money. I feel relaxed knowing there is always more than enough.

20. I am linked to the abundant flow of life, and that also includes money.

21. I deserve the best in life.

22. Money supports me to live my best life.

23. I give generously to others without conditions.

24. It is so relaxing to live without worrying about money.

25. I let go of my past and step into my wealthy new life today.

26. I am the same individual with or without financial wealth, but money gives me freedom.

27. I forgive others for being skeptical about my potential to have financial freedom

28. I trust my inner knowledge around money. Whenever I do, it multiplies.

29. I see an opportunity to make money everywhere I look.

30. I now allow all avenues of financial abundance to open up to me.

31. I appreciate money for what it is, a vehicle of freedom.

32. Making money is easy when I am in alignment with my highest truth.

33. I release and attract money. It is a simple, continuous exchange.

34. I have no doubts about the future. I am rich

35. Money helps me create the world I want to live in.

36. I accept today’s wealth, whether big or small, as a sign of my growing fortune.

37. I am what a rich person looks like.

38. There are no limits to the money I attract.

39. I am only ever limited by my mind. Universal abundance is limitless

40. Today is another day of my success story.

41. Others are inspired by my financial success.

42. No matter how today looks, I know, without a doubt that I am financially wealthy

43. I expect and accept money miracles

44. I am thankful for the security and freedom that money has helped me with today

45. I was destined to be rich

46. Good fortunes and riches are drawn to me

47. I focus on the good I already have and request more to keep coming

48. I make money while I sleep.

49. It is healthy to want money as it provides support and freedom

50. It is allowed for money to come easily to me.

51. I am a money magnet

52. I am grateful that I make constant sales every day.

53. I am good at attracting prosperity.

54. I am worthy of the wealth that I attract.

55. I am opening myself to unlimited wealth.

56. I live a prosperous life

57. I am not available for anything less than a six-figure income.

58. With money, I am capable.

59. I am a millionaire in the making

60. I am worthy of being included in the top earners’ list.

61. I am naturally gifted with money

62. I am open to being successful in business.

63. I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance

64. I am envisioning a prosperous year for my business.

65. I am being chased after by wealth.

66. I am at the peak of business prosperity

67. I have everything I need to be prosperous

68. I am good at making lots of money

69. I am attracting all forms of monetary gains

70. I am releasing every block that hinders my prosperity.

71. I reject disbelief and welcome abundance

72. I am receiving so much money from all directions

73. I am radiating abundance to my business.

74. I love money, and money loves me.

75. I am prepared to take my finances to a whole new level

76. I am born to grow financially abundant

77. Every month, I receive expected and unexpected income.

78. I get better at managing money every single month.

79. I am able to pay for both my needs and wants

80. I am receiving fat paychecks into my bank account

81. I earn way more than I spend each month.

82. I am transforming myself into a money-making machine

83. I am the master of my finances.

84. I always attract the exact amount of money I plan to each month

85. I am able to handle challenges in being rich

86. I constantly beat my own sales record

87. I see a millionaire’s lifestyle in my future.

88. I am grateful that I don’t need to overwork to attain prosperity

89. I am grateful for the opportunities that make me richer.

90. I am choosing to be abundant now.

91. I am swimming in the vastness of my own prosperity

92. I am convinced that abundance is my birthright.

93. Whenever I get the chance to hold some money, I absorb its positive energy.

94. The more relaxed I am, the bigger are the amounts of money that I successfully attract and manifest into my life.

95. I am grateful for all the money that I have attracted and manifested. But I am also grateful for the money I am going to attract and manifest in the future

96. I am responsible when it comes to money because I use my money to attract and manifest even more money.

97. Today, I choose to smile when I hear the word “money”, when I see money, and when I hold money in my hands.

98. For me, money literally grows on trees.

99. When I do good deeds, the universe rewards me with money.

100. It doesn’t matter where this money will appear from, I know it will appear.

The practice of writing down and saying out loud money affirmations will definitely lay down the foundations for you to achieve financial prosperity. Concentrate on the right words that visualize abundance and always use the first-person point of view. Choose the money affirmations that resonate with you and make you feel good and positive. Avoid money affirmations that you don’t like. Because if you choose affirmations that make you feel bad, you will lower your vibration, and that is not the point of affirming. So choose affirmations that make you experience positive emotions. These will inspire you to adopt a millionaire’s mindset and be more receptive to wealth and business prosperity. It will get you psyched up to become what you declare and let the universe manifest your desires.

What money affirmations do you like the best?

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