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15 Cardi B Quotes

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A few years back, in 2015, the now celebrated rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar,  professionally known as Cardi B, shot to fame by securing a space on the Love and Hip Hop reality show hosted by VH1. As a cast member, she was well known for her unlimited Bronx pride, funny personality, and no-nonsense attitude.

Although it’s only been a few years, Cardi B has left her mark as a household name. Her domination on charts since her Bodak Yellow release, coupled with multiple billboard entries and Grammys, indicates that she’s not going anywhere – at least not anytime soon. Known for her larger-than-life personality, unfiltered social media presence, and impeccable rap releases, Cardi B is an accurate life representation of “with passion, a give no f*** attitude, confidence, you can achieve anything.”

However, despite the fame and glitz accompanying her stardom, she remains humble, follows her principles, and speaks her mind without fear. Besides, she has become the media’s symbolic representation of feminism and girl power.

Below are some powerful, funny, and inspirational Cardi B quotes.

15 Cardi B Quotes

1. “I’d rather be rich and heartbroken than be broke and heartbroken.”

You must make the best out of every bad situation. Even if an aspect of your life is not all that encouraging, ensure you are winning in other aspects. Some say money doesn’t equate to happiness, even Cardi admits that money comes with its downsides, but indeed, it makes terrible situations, at least, better.

2. “My personality is humongous.”

If you follow Cardi, you’ll know this might even be an understatement. Her personality is “outta this world,” yet she is still humble. Those crazy expressions are just Cardi being Cardi. In essence, a great personality attracts people and adds to their happiness. Okurrr?

3. “Always told myself I’d be myself.”

This quote has the most common theme relating to Cardi- Be yourself. This reminder is necessary in a world where society has made it hard to stay original.

4. “Sometimes I feel just like, damn! I’m my only competition.”

Of course, competition is reasonable, provided that it is healthy. However, if you really want to attain success based on your metrics and remain true to yourself, you might want to emulate something from Cardi’s life and make yourself your only competition. As tempting as comparing yourself to others might seem, always strive to overcome that temptation. Look within yourself, commit to yourself and keep improving – this is the best path to success. This way, you can create goals and try to reach them instead of paying attention to others’ success. Who knows, maybe this quote constitutes Cardi’s swift rise to stardom.

5. “We all learn as time goes on.”

Some people believe Cardi rose to fame out of nowhere. However, that’s not the case – rapping has always been her dream. A dream she gave up on in her younger years because she thought she had no connection. Fast forward to today, it is evident that she rediscovered herself, started nurturing her dream, and learned as time passed. As she confirmed in a DJVlad interview, “I wasn’t that good the first time I was in a recording studio.” Despite that, with constant practice and continuous learning, evidently, she has perfected the art.

6. “Anytime women approach me like I’m a doctor or a freaking senator, I feel like wow! Y’all like me? I look up to y’all.”

Undoubtedly, Cardi B is one of the top artists today. Still, she is down to earth. She was even surprised that people looked up to her. There’s nothing like a sense of superiority in her personality, and Cardi knows the significance of seeking inspiration from people from all walks of life.

7. “I’ve never seen music as a job.”

You might have come across a similar quote; here is a confirmation from Cardi. When you do something you love, your passion, it doesn’t feel like you’re working. It’s almost as if you’re having fun and earning. This fact here is the reason why your passion should be your career. This is one of the realest Cardi B quotes.

8. “Be true to yourself.”

Lying to yourself is just like betraying yourself. How can you improve if you can’t stay honest about your strengths and weaknesses? Cardi is aware of her strengths, and her pride isn’t so big to accept that she has flaws. She welcomes those weaknesses and strives to improve on them. That is where success comes from.

9. “I only f*** with secure folks, who hype me up and are always happy for me. And I try to stay away from friends who go silent on my success.”

Cardi affirmed that she only needs supportive friends around her. People who are joyous on her victorious days and truly happy for her wins. This is critical for every life stage. Friendship is about rising by living others up emotionally, financially, etc. And Cardi isn’t scared of cutting any deadweight off her life. Emulate this attitude.

10. “Honestly, don’t care ’bout who’s in front of me. Released two mixtapes in six months, wtf works harder than me?

Yes, Cardi’s talent is apparent, and so are her beauty and business savvy. However, these do not take away from the fact that she is very hardworking. She constantly discusses new ventures she wants to delve into but wonders how they’ll all fit into her tight schedule.

11. “You have beef with me; you gon’ have it forever.”

The Love and Hip Hop reality show’s Cardi was famous for this iconic quote. I guess forgiveness is an obsolete term. Or maybe – forgive, don’t forget. Either way, don’t mess with Cardi. If you do, it will be an affair of a lifetime.

12. “I cry once a month, imma emotional gangster.”

Sometimes, people’s expectations of us usually weigh us down. We get caught up in what they expect us to be. Cardi, a rapper from the Bronx, has been involved in several fights. Everyone expects her to be stone cold and an emotionless robot. However, being true to yourself makes it explicit that she is human, too; she has emotions, just like you and I. So, never get scared of being yourself, irrespective of the contradictions that make up your personality or existence.

13. “People say I’m too this; I’m excessively that. When you see what I’ve seen, experience what I’ve experienced, you’ll end up like this.

We are a product of our past experiences; they shape our present, and Cardi isn’t an exception. Humans take diverse paths in our life journey, so not everyone understands what it means to be yourself and those experiences that shaped you into who you are. Ultimately, they share to accuse you and judge you of doing too much or excessively, just as Cardi B said. In the end, if you pay them no attention and keep being yourself, they’ll be back to celebrate you.

14. “I’m evolving, yet I feel like not all the way evolved.”

This is one of my favorite Cardi B quotes. Cardi B will be the first to narrate her mistakes and past experiences. She acknowledges them and admits that she’s a work-in-progress, striving to get better daily. As Maya Angelou said, “knowing better makes you do better.” So, stop heaping on the past, thinking about those things you could have changed. Keep evolving!

15. “Reading positive reactions to my music feels so good.”

Positive reactions to your craft are an underrated confidence boost. Knowing that a person’s time to rate your work feels great. Especially in this digital age where Instagram likes are all the rage, approach your craft with passion, not for the likes. Positive reactions will come naturally.


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