10 Money Affirmations to help you get paid

Money Affirmations can help to shift your mindset towards abundance and attract more financial opportunities into your life

By focusing on positive statements about money, you can improve your relationship with it and create a more prosperous future

So here is 10 Affirmations that will help you to keep positive about Money

1. I attract money in many ways, some that I cannot readily detect right now

2. I spend some of my money and enjoy it without any sense of guilt

3. I am wealthy

4. It is totally safe for me to be rich

5. I am rich irrespective of my past. My past does not determine my future.

6. I sense richness all around me, and it is growing.

7. I am deserving and worthy of huge amounts of money.

8. Money is perfect in my hands.

9. I feel relaxed knowing I always have all the money I need.

10. make excellent decisions with money in my hands.

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