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Jay-z net worth

Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth


In the world today, it’s no longer a surprise that Hollywood has largely contributed to the making of celebrities globally. In this article, we will be peeping under the hood of one of the most formidable talents in the music industry and perhaps consider everything you need to know about Drake’s net worth; yeah, Drake, the rapper.

Early Life

Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto, Canada, on October 24, 1989. The young Canadian grew up paying attention to his own notes and sound. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, was a rock star drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, known as “the rock n roll showman.” Larry Graham, his uncle, played the bass for Sly and the Family Stone. Music runs in Drake’s blood, with his mom, Sandi Graham, coming from a musical family.

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When asked about his personality, Drake responded that he considers himself a black man because he is more integrated with the African cultures and way of life; however, having a Jewish heritage in a twist makes me feel blessed.

Drake’s date on stage was facilitated by one of his classmates at his Jewish Day School, who gave him a shot at the entertainment industry. Drake explains how he got into the industry. He said that a boy in his class had a father who happened to be an agent. The agent told his son if there were any one of his classmates who could make him laugh, have them come audition for him.

Not long afterward, Drake got the role on the drama series Degrassi; a Canadian teen drama became his first start. Degrassi, The Next Generation drama series, starred a group of teenagers in Degrassi High School. The dramatic series followed up an everyday challenge of sexuality, drama, and parental dysfunction. The high doesn’t seem to run out of drama, and the young Canadian plays the empathetic role of Jimmy Brooks. The drama depicts a basketball player with big dreams, but those dreams turn into agony when he gets shot by his classmate and becomes wheelchair-bound permanently. After a taste of Degrassi, the young Canadian opted out of school to chase his career in the movie industry. Drake starred in the Canadian teen drama for about seven years. He graduated from high school in 2012.

Drake Net Worth

Drake picked up a young artist Award for the best ensemble in a TV series and earned a couple of honors along the way. Degrassi is a Canadian teen drama that only had a few followers in the United States. Drake said he felt propelled as a celebrity already, but while he was in the United States, he remained anonymous.


Aubrey Drake Graham made a huge announcement on Instagram about earning his diploma after dropping out of high school. Drake was already getting gigs in the movie industry following his successful spell with the Degrassi, but he wanted to get it. Back in the day, Drake’s mother was sick and expressed in his interviews that the only means of support was the little money that came from the TV series. School became an afterthought. Drake added that they were broke and had to do what he had to do.


Drake’s big switch to music was no different from the comedy series ‘HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.’ This was because, during his spell at Degrassi, Drake was silently working on his big move to the hip hop world while he was still appearing on Degrassi. However, not long after his efforts as a young rapper, Degrassi got a new producer in 2008, who came in and overhauled all the cast and ended Drake’s character in the Canadian teen drama.

Drake, at this time, was not fully established as a rapper, and his little effort had not started paying off. He was so broke to the point that Drake said: “that he was just about to get a job at a restaurant, anything to just keep things going.” In early 2008, he got a call from Lil Wayne, who had asked Drake to board a flight and join him on his Carter III tour. Drake debuted his first mixtape, titled Room for Improvement, in 2006. The mixtape sold approximately 6,000 copies. His unexpected success with his first hit preceded the release of another mixtape in 2007, titled Comeback Season. It was released on his October-owned imprints, which later birthed the revelation for OVO. Drake’s first music video and hit single were “Replacement Girls.” The hit got a lot of attention and recognition from BET as the new joint of the day on 106 and Park.

Drake caught special recognition in the person of Jas Prince, the son of James Prince and founder of Rap-Lot-Records. Jas Prince literally pitched Drake to Lil Wayne, and that fostered his signature and introduction to the Young Money Record label.

Since then, Drake has toured and done a lot of hit tracks with Lil Wayne. Drake released his third mixtape in 2009, titled So Far Gone. Right afterward, in February 2009, Drake released another hit single titled The Best I Ever Had, eventually reaching number 2 on the hottest single on the Billboard charts.

Drake could literally taste success at this level already, and he collaborated with Trey Songz and Lil Wayne. Since then, Drake has been on the clock banging more tracks in the category of R&B-infused Hip hop songs that made a lot of noise worldwide, earning Drake formidable recognition in the music industry.

The race for Drake’s signature began and is already linked to Lil Wayne, and Young Money Entertainment won the war. After taking a tumble on stage during his America Most Wanted Tour while performing mid-2009. Drake tore his anterior alignment, and after successful surgery, he said it would only be “onwards and upwards” with a big smile to show his fans that he was alright.

Personal Life

Drake seems more private with his love life, as he doesn’t like getting attention, especially with whoever he is involved with. It’s rare to see Drake with a woman. He doesn’t give the paparazzi that pleasure.  Drake recently dropped a new album titled Certified Lover Boy. However, this Canadian rapper has been linked to some high-profile celebrities, like Jorja Smith, Rihanna, and of course, Sophie Brussaux, the mother of his child.

Brussaux is a fellow Canadian born in Bordeaux, France, on August 1st, 1989. Brussaux is a former model and actress who gave it all up to find her true love as a painter. She has a very successful career in painting, and most of her work has been used for many exhibitions worldwide. While Drake takes the character of a playboy who lives a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle, collaborating with major artists, and managing his record label in Toronto, writing and producing new hits.

Drake Net Worth

Drake is one of the best artists in the music industry today and one of the most powerful hip-hop artists. Considering how he rose to fame, and all the struggles he has been through, perhaps it is safe to say that the Canadian is a major success story today. Drake has worked with dozens of big names in the music industry, talking about the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott. The Canadian has won four Grammys awards from over 42 nominations, and over the years, Drake has been countlessly nominated for major artist awards.

According to the evaluation of Forbes 2021, Drake net worth unveiled that the Canadian has a net worth of $180 million. In one of his songs, Drake said that people should quit trying to check his net worth and that the numbers don’t add up. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t, but Drake is ever-increasing in wealth and influence. However, Drake is the third bestselling Canadian artist, right behind Shania Twain, with approximately 26 million album sales.

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