David Beckham Net Worth

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David Beckham net worth

You must know David Beckham for his remarkable career as a soccer player. But he is more than just a player. Along with an exciting and successful career, he has led an incredible journey as a brand ambassador and entrepreneur. His strategic ventures and significant business decisions are the reasons behind his great wealth. 

David Beckham Net Worth

What is David Beckham’s net worth?

David Beckham is among the richest people in the world. Though there is some confusion regarding his exact net worth, he is surely a rich and successful former soccer player and businessman. In 2024, the combined net worth of David Beckham and his wife Victoria (formerly of the Spice Girls) was about $450 million. In any case, the couple’s net worth is whopping high, showcasing a lavish lifestyle.  

How did they earn their net worth?

The power couple’s net worth is utterly impressive. But they did not make this fortune overnight. Instead, they have worked hard to attain this financial wealth through the years. It is not like they had a magic ball or a lottery ticket. This wealth is purely a result of hard work, great decisions, and a splash of good luck. 

Career as a soccer player 

David Beckham spent two decades playing soccer as a successful player and earned more than $800 million in his memorable and astounding career. Beckham played for many top-of-the-chart soccer teams, including Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Preston North End, LA Galaxy, Milan, and the England National Team. 

He first gained recognition in 1996 when David Beckham became famous for scoring a goal from a good halfway line while playing for Manchester United. From then on, his career took a forward run, and he embraced one victory after another. 

In a 20-year career, Beckham won league titles in four countries, including France, England, Spain, and the United States. He has witnessed victory in six premier league titles, 19 major trophies, and two FA cups during his tenure as a player. His victorious journey saved him a position as captain of the national team of England, where he proved his capabilities in a six-year tenure. These victories are why Beckham became one of the top-paid soccer players in England.

As per a report published in the Guardian, Beckham was the second most-paid player in 1999, whereas another report says he is the 6th highest-paid player overall. The reports claim that when he played for Manchester United, he received around $1.5 million with additional bonuses. This salary was six times more than what was usually paid to premiership players. 


As a public figure, Beckham knew people admired his personality. His good looks and fame combined resulted in a goldmine for Beckham. Even when he was playing, he started doing endorsements for various famous brands. After his retirement, he actively participated in endorsements to add another income stream

David Beckham was a huge name, which is why big and famous brands reached out to him. He has endorsed leading brands like Breitling and Giorgio Armani, PepsiCo, Tudor, Adidas, H&M, Samsung, Gilette, Jaguar, and other renowned brands. Only the deal with Adidas gave him an income of a whopping $160.8 million in 2003, which is quite a handsome amount. He also enjoyed the status of first brand ambassador at Biotherm Homme, a skincare line introduced by Loreal. He was also related to Coty, a giant cosmetic brand that has sold out a record number (more than $100 Million) of Beckham’s signature fragrances. 

These endorsements are why he earned $75 million in 2014, a year after he retired from soccer. 

Business Ventures 

David Beckham earned a lot from his business ventures and partnerships. His partnership with the Chinese giant real estate company Lueng is one of the most worth-mentioning ventures, with a value of around $5 million annually.  

Beckham also started his venture, DB Ventures, after his retirement in 2014. Under the umbrella of this venture, he partnered with many companies, did endorsements, and launched his whiskey brand, Haig Club. 

According to legal documents, Beckham earned a handsome amount through the dividends he received over the years. For instance, in 2016, he received $12.1M; in 2017, he earned $22.2M; the dividend in 2018 was $13.2M; and he received a hefty sum of $17.2M in 2019. 

In March 2022, Beckham sold 55% of his shares in the DB venture to Authentic Brands Group. This sale yielded more than $230 million, greatly increasing his net worth.

Wife’s Assets

Who doesn’t know Victoria Beckham, the fashion designer who gained exceptional fame from Spice Girl? Though Beckham himself is not short on assets, Victoria has added to his net worth, elevating this power couple’s net worth and wealth.

How do they spend their money?

Seeing how the power couple enjoys this massive sum of money is attractive. The couple spends their money on the following items.


Both the Beckhams are art lovers.

Luxury Cars

You must have seen David Beckham in expensive luxury cars, his true passion.

International Real Estate

The power couple owns luxurious properties in many countries that are worth visiting. 


This might sound weird, but Beckham has spent more than $65000 on his body tattoos. He has more than 60 tattoos in total, and he is purely crazy about them. 

Many people are interested in finding out David Beckham’s net worth, which includes him among the wealthiest people. He and his wife enjoy a net worth of more than $450 million. Beckham has worked hard over the years while playing soccer, doing endorsements, and starting business ventures to land this wealth. He enjoys spending this hard-earned money on Art, International Real Estate, Luxury cars, and Tattoos. 

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