The Rise and Fall of Trump's Business Empire

Donald Trump's business failures include bankruptcies, lawsuits, and failed ventures

The Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City's largest casino, filed for bankruptcy in 1991.

The Trump Shuttle, a failed airline venture, suffered heavy losses before being sold.

Trump University, a for-profit education company, faced lawsuits and settlements for fraud.

The Plaza Hotel, a prestigious property in Manhattan, faced financial difficulties under Trump's ownership.

The Trump Organization faced accusations of tax evasion and shady business practices.

Trump's failed attempt to launch a new football league, the USFL, resulted in a lawsuit and settlement.

The Trump Vodka brand failed to gain traction and was eventually discontinued.

Trump's failed attempt to purchase the Buffalo Bills football team was met with opposition from the NFL.

Despite his business failures, Trump was able to leverage his public image and brand to become a successful reality TV star and ultimately, President of the United States.

The Rise and Fall of Trump's Business Empire

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